Junior Ninjas, for Ages 3-5, build personal confidence, courage and 

athletic EXCELLENCE, while encouraging “Out of the box thinking” and enhanced decision making. Our Junior ninja class combines Intelligence, Education, Teamwork, and Athletics in one exciting program!

Utilizing a large variety of fun games, challenging obstacle courses and unique equipment, we bring out the best in each and every student and create well rounded ATHLETES.

Character : We Develop F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. Warriors of character!

Focus - The ability to concentrate on the objective in front of you, NOT the distractions around you.

Effort - Always give your best.  Finish what you start and finish strong!

Attitude - Respond with a positive attitude in all situations.

Respect –  Show respect to yourself and others at all times.

Love -  Use your strength, speed & wits to help others. Love others as you love yourself.

Enthusiasm - Have fun! Be excited about what you are doing.

Strength -  Build your body as well as your mind.

Smarter - Ask if there is a smarter way to tackle a challenge or avoid an obstacle? How can I be smarter today than I was yesterday?


  • Includes individual Challenges that build CONFIDENCE SPEED, BALANCE & AGILITY training on our obstacle courses.​​

  • Optimizing the body’s CORE STRENGTH and BALANCE!


  • Cross Training and Conditioning to help kids in their other sports.

  • Have fun and believe in your unlimited POTENTIAL


Challenges: Even small successes matter!