Gymnastics Therapy

Gymnastics Therapy is a weekly one on one lesson for special needs children ages 2 and up. We can accommodate multiple children at the families request.


We can also work in conjunction with your PT or OT to target anything they might want to work on.

Gymnastics sharpens the mind & stimulates the brain, fostering social skills, and strengthening gross and fine motor skills. Children learn skills that initiate brain development, muscle tone, flexibility and more. We nurture and reinforce positive behaviour using positive reinforcement techniques.

We have a few 30 minute and 60 minute weekly lessons available.

We can invoice your NDIS plan manager directly, typically we fall under capacity building. We require no down payment or registration fees from the families.

The cost is $50 for a 30 minute class

and $100 for a 60 minute class

We are also in the process of creating a small air conditioned “sensory gym” for those students who might find a large gym space overwhelming.

Message our friendly and welcoming team today to book your spot!