Performance Gymnastics

Performance gymnastics combines tumbling, choreography, group and partner skills with classic gymnastics skills and apparatus. We offer both recreational and competitive performance gymnastics classes. This high energy low pressure class is a great place to start your journey with us. Bronze level is always a great starting point, and we can move you into harder classes based on your ability level in class.

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Our all star Cheerleading Teams learn stunting, tumbling and dance. This high energy class is full of fun positive energy and is for children ages 4 and up.



Acrobatics is a class where we focus solely on floor skills, balances and stretches. We do not spend time learning various gymnastics apparatus. 

Handstand on Poles
Trampoline Flips


Complete obstacle courses. Run, jump & flip in the air! Ninja class is a fun way to stay active and have fun! 


Our tumbling program works on fast moving tumbling skills. This class does require the students to have a strong roundoff.

Happy Jumps


  • Parent and Tot

    • “Parent and Tot” Class curriculum is designed to enhance and challenge your child’s large motor skills.

    • Our goal is for your child to be introduced to fitness with fun and get them excited about physical movement.

    • This class requires parent participation and is open to children ages 18 mos - 3 years. Through the direction of the instructor, you will guide your child through  stretching activities, large motor skill challenges, obstacle courses, fun songs, bar, beam and trampoline activities. This class is great for confidence building and encourages bonding time between parent and child

  • Preschool 3 - 4 years 

    • Preschool Class curriculums are designed to improve your child’s physical strength, coordination and flexibility.  

    • Your child will be encouraged to try new skills and activities while increasing self-confidence in the process.

    • This class will introduce basic gymnastics skills using stations each class, including bars, beam, floor or trampoline.